VPN: Windows Setup

Install Pulse Secure to connect to the University of Arkansas virtual private network (VPN) or University Libraries VPN using Windows. 

  1. Click to download the appropriate installer for your computer.

  2. When prompted, choose to run the installer.

  3. When installation is complete, click the Pulse Secure icon in the Windows icon tray to open the application.

  4. Click the plus (+) icon to add a new connection.

  5. In the Name field, enter a description for the connection, for example, UARK VPN or Library VPN.

  6. In the Server URL field, enter vpn.uark.edu.
    Note: To connect to the University Libraries VPN, enter vpn.uark.edu/library.  

  7. Click Add. The new connection should appear in the Connections list.

  8. Select the VPN and click Connect.

  9. Enter your UARK username and password and check the Save settings box.

  10. Click Connect to start a VPN session. To end a session, click Disconnect in the main Pulse Secure window.

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  1. Barbara Esch
    Finance Officer
    11:12 am

    Is Pulse Secure Installer compatible with Windows 10?

    1. Erin Griffin
      Content strategy/IA specialist
      8:13 am

      Barbara, the new version that was updated today is compatible with Windows 10. Choose to update your existing desktop application, or download the installer here techarticles.uark.edu/vpn/windows. If you have any issues using Pulse Secure in Windows 10 to connect to vpn.uark.edu, please report it at askit.uark.edu.

    2. Shannon Springer
      Project/Program Specialist
      2:31 pm


  2. Bo Ma
    Graduate Assistant
    11:28 pm

    Issues with windows 10, same setup on Mac has no problem..
    when I log in through windows remote desktop, always saying'the connection was denied bc the user account is not authorized for remote login'. I used GACL\ uark user name. Works on Mac, but failed on windows 10.
    Please help.

    1. Shannon Springer
      Project/Program Specialist
      4:21 pm

      In order to connect with remote desktop you must first be added to the authorized "remote user" on the machine you are trying to remote into. simply type "allow remote user access" and add your uark user name to the list.

  3. Ritu Mihani
    Senior Graduate Assistant
    2:37 pm

    Do we have a solution for windows 10 yet?

    1. Erin Griffin
      Content strategy/IA specialist
      3:53 pm

      Please report the problem you are having with VPN in Windows 10 by contacting our IT Help Desk at askit.uark.edu or 479-575-2905.

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