VPN: Mac Setup

If you upgraded to macOS Sierra, it is necessary to uninstall your previous version of PulseSecure and install the newer version linked below.

Install Pulse Secure (also called Junos Pulse) to connect to the University of Arkansas virtual private network (VPN) or University Libraries VPN using Mac OS X.

  1. Click to download the Pulse Secure Installer for Mac OS X.

  2. Open the PulseSecure.dmg file and double-click the PulseSecure.pkg icon. Follow the prompts to complete the installation. If prompted, enter your computer's keychain password.

  3. Click the Pulse Secure icon in the Mac menu at the top of the screen and then click Open Pulse Secure. 
    Note: If you receive a warning that the app is from an "unidentified developer," click OK in the warning dialog box. In the Applications folder, right-click Junos Pulse and select Open. Click Open.

  4. Click the plus (+) icon in the bottom left corner to add a new connection.

  5. In the Name field, enter a description for the connection, for example, UARK VPN or Library VPN.

  6. In the Server URL field, enter vpn.uark.edu. 
    Note: To connect to the University Libraries VPN, enter vpn.uark.edu/library.  

  7. Click Add. The new connection should appear in the Connections list.

  8. Select the VPN and click Connect.

  9. Enter your UARK username and password and check the Save settings box.

  10. Click Connect to start a VPN session. To end a session, click the Junos Pulse icon in the Mac menu bar, mouse-over the connection name and select Disconnect.

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  1. Fred Limp
    University Professor
    2:31 am

    Apple updated the Mac OS to 10.12.1. The existing installation of Pulse no longer worked. When connect was clicked it stalled at "Connection Requested." Uninstalling and then reinstalling Pulse (5.2) from the UARK VPN pages fixed the problem.

    1. Erin Griffin
      Content strategy/IA specialist
      10:53 am

      Thanks, Fred!!

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