Tech Partners

Campus Tech Partners can update the following information by logging into with a UARK username and password.

AFLS Agriculture, Food, and Life Sciences Ken Smedley 575-3420 agritech
ALUM Alumni Heather Stowers 575-6078 hstowers
ARAS Archeological Survey Debbie Weddle 575-5059 weddle
ARCH Architecture Mark Morgan 575-6855 lmmorga
ARSC Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences Teresa Waddell 575-7512 arscsup
ASCR Admissions David Gibson 575-4654 dgibso
ATHL Athletics Joseph Lindquist 575-2569 jlindqu
AVCB Business Affairs Tina Lester 575-6765 tlester
AVCF Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance Pete Campbell 575-7353 pcampbe
BAEG Biological and Agricultural Engineering Kyle Hunter 575-2351 kwhunter
BMEG Biomedical Engineering Kyle Hunter 575-2351 kwhunter
CAST Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies Lyndon Colvin 575-7907 lcolvin
CDIS Department of Communication Disorders Bart Cohen 575-6262 bcohen
CHEG Chemical Engineering Harold Watson 575-7377 hwatson
CMSE Center for Math and Science Education Bart Cohen 575-6262 bcohen
COEHP College of Education and Health Professions Bart Cohen 575-6262 bcohen
CSCE Computer Science and Computer Engineering George Holmes 575-3822 gholmes
CTED Continuing Education Anselm Lambert 575-6675 ablamber
CVEG Civil Engineering Chris Boyd 575-4048 cjboyd
Chartwell's Dining Services Marion Smith 575-3232 mrsmith
DSTU Center for Educational Access Heidi Scher 575-3104 hascher
ELEG Electrical Engineering Daniel Klein 575-7472 dmklein
ENGR Engineering Deans Office Luke Gabbard 575-6373 lucyen
ENLC Enhanced Learning Center Ron Norvell 575-2880 rnorvell
ENRC Engineering Research Center Eric DenBoer 575-8424 ericdb
FAMA Facilities Management Benjamin Arens 575-2068 barens
FTC Faculty Technology Center Eric Gorder 575-7401 egorder
GRAD Graduate School Jerusha White 575-2271 jew008
HDEC High Density Electronics Center Michael Glover 575-7292 mglover
HHPR Health, Human Performance, and Recreation Bart Cohen 575-6262 bcohen
HLTH Health Center Roberto Sangalli 575-7737 robertos
HMRS Human Resources Aaron Lingelbach 575-5351 alingel
HNRC Honors College Michael Zachary 575-2056 mzachar
HOUS University Housing Eric Roberts 575-3951 eroberts
INEG Industrial Engineering Matthew Sparks 575-4229 masparks
INRS Institutional Research Ciprian Caloianu 575-3374 ciprian
ISS International Students & Scholars Michael Freeman 575-5003 mfreeman
LAW Law School Chris Abel 575-5656 cabel
MEEG Mechanical Engineering Ryan L. Moore 575-4847 rlm018
MULN Mullins Library Judy Ganson 575-5418 dboddie
NTCS Off Campus Connections Michael Kratchmer 575-4738 mkratchm
NURS Elenor Mann School of Nursing Jonah Kronenberger 575-8671 jkronen
OEOC Equal Opportunity and Compliance J'onnelle A. Colbert-Diaz 575-3333 jcdiaz
PARK Parking and Transit Betty Blomberg 575-7180 bblomber
PBSF Public Safety Gary Crain 575-2311 garyc
PRSV Printing Services Suzie Kyle 575-8410 suzkyle
REGR Registrar Gary McDonald 575-4325 gxm04
RSSP Research & Sponsored Programs Ashim Khadka 575-7379 akhadka
RSSV Research & Service Units Kyle Cowan 575-5593 kcowan
SILC Spring International Language Center Phillip Nguyen 575-7600 ptn001
UAPR University Press Brian King 575-6780 brking
UDEV University Development Heather Stowers 575-6078 hstowers
UITS University IT Services Marie Riley 575-2905 mriley
UREC University Recreation Sheri Heimall 575-4631 sheimall
UREL University Relations Chris Nixon 575-5629 cnixon
VCAC Provost Office Doug Miles 575-8409 dmiles
VPRS Vice Provost for Research and Economic Development Ashim Khadka 575-7379 akhadka
VPSA Vice Provost for Student Affairs Michael Kratchmer 575-4738 mkratchm
WCOB Sam M. Walton College of Business Sandy Kizer 575-7649 skizer



  1. Giridharan Jaya Shankar
    12:41 am

    Whom should I contact regarding MSDNAA access, I have been mailing Mr. Luke Gabbard for the past 2 months but I haven't yet got my access.

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