UARK Jabber: Windows Setup

Set up UARK Jabber services using Psi in Windows. Your Jabber ID is your UARK

Psi Setup

  1. Download Psi and install the software.

  2. Open Psi and select "Use an existing account" in the Account setup window.

  3. Enter your Jabber ID using your UARK username, for example,

  4. Enter your UARK password.

  5. Under Settings, select "Automatically reconnect if disconnected."

  6. Click the Connection tab. In the "Encrypt connection" drop-down box, select Always.

  7. In the "Allow plaintext authentication" drop-down box, choose "Over encrypted connection." Click Save and Close.

  8. Log in by clicking the Offline drop-down menu and clicking Online.

  9. At the Personal Information screen, click Close.

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