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The Comp server is available to all students, faculty and staff for personal websites and academic research. Web&Apps is an easy, visual way to manage your files on the Comp server.

Log into webDocs using your UARK username and password, and select Web&Apps from the top left (you will be prompted to log in again). The folder displayed on login is the public_html directory where web-accessible files are located. The Root directory is the primary directory where all of your Web&Apps folders are located. Notice that the file path above the Actions drop-down menu is [Root]/public_html.

Managing Files and Folders

  • To open a file, click on the filename. Sometimes, Web&Apps cannot display the file, but you can download it to your computer.

  • To download a file to your computer, click the Download icon to the right of the filename. It will be downloaded to your browser's default Downloads folder.

  • To perform actions such as cut, copy, paste, delete, rename or change permissions (chmod), check the box next to the filename you wish to edit and select an option from the Actions drop-down menu.

  • To create a new folder, click Create Folder and enter the new folder name. The folder will be created within the folder you are viewing. Click OK.

Viewing and Navigating Files and Folders

  • To view the contents of the Root directory, click [Root] in the file path above the Actions drop-down menu.

  • To view the contents of any directory, select it from the files and folders list.

  • To navigate back through open folders, click the folder names in the file path above the Actions drop-down menu.


To change your Web&Apps preferences, click Options. Click File Display for viewing and sorting options. Click Settings to change how files are deleted from Web&Apps.

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