Comp Server: Overview

Alert: IT Services is in the process of retiring the Comp server. Learn more

Comp is a legacy Unix server for personal websites as well as academic and research computing. To log into Comp, use your UARK username and password. Find out more at Personal Websites and Research Data Services.

UARK users have a Comp quota of 300MB (which is separate from the email quota).


Comp can be accessed through SSH, SFTP, Web & Apps and a mapped drive (SMB).


Software on Comp includes Pine (email client), SAS, Lynx (text-based web browser), and text editors including Pico, VI Editor, uni-XEDIT, and compilers. Programming languages on Comp include C, C++, FORTRAN, Java, PHP, Python and Perl.

For help on different topics on the Comp server, see the Unix manual pages:

  1. SSH into Comp, and at the prompt, type man keyword where "keyword" is the actual name of a program, command or keyword.
    Note: There must be a space between man and keyword.

  2. Use the spacebar to advance through the manual pages.

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  1. John Chapman
    Computer Support Specialist
    2:30 pm

    No, I'm afraid that we can't update the Comp installation of MATLAB to the same version as we have on VLab. In 2009, Mathworks stopped making versions of MATLAB that run on Solaris (which is the operating system Comp uses.)

  2. John Hughes
    4:44 pm

    can we still access the old version of matlab on comp?

  3. John Chapman
    Computer Support Specialist
    8:45 am

    No, the old version of MATLAB is not available on comp. Mathworks no longer makes Solaris versions of MATLAB. When comp was upgraded, there was not a version to move to that worked with our current architecture.

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