Schedule a Session in Blackboard Learn

Before hosting a Blackboard Collaborate web conference, schedule a session that participants can join within Blackboard Learn.

To schedule a Collaborate web conference within Blackboard Learn:

  1. Log into with your UARK username and password.

  2. Open the course. 

  3. Click Collaborate in the course menu. If you do not have a Collaborate link in your Course Menu, follow the instructions for creating a link to the Blackboard Collaborate Tool.

  4. Click Create Session.

  5. In the Session Information section, enter a session title (64 maximum characters).

  6. Enter a start and end time for the session. Regardless of the end time, the session will remain open until all moderators and participants leave the session.
    Note: To provide virtual office hours, enter the entire length of the semester in the start and end time fields. The maximum length for a session is one year.

  7. Click to change Repeat Session to ON if you are scheduling several sessions at the same time throughout the semester.

  8. Set the Early Session Entry time to establish how early a participant can join the session. The default setting is 30 minutes.

  9. Change the Session Type if necessary. Selecting Course makes the session available only to students enrolled in the course from which you are scheduling the session. Selecting Shared makes the session available to all students enrolled in all Blackboard Learn courses that you teach.

  10. In the Grade Center Integration section, click to switch "Add a grade column" to ON if you are giving grades for attendance to the conference. Points can also be entered. 

  11. Click Save.

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  1. Mark Zajac
    Visiting Assistant Professor
    10:02 am

    After clicking "save" (step 11), how do I revisit and edit the "repeat session" settings (step 7). I have consulted the documentation, to no avail. Alternatively, though less desirable, how can I select and delete all occurrences of a repeating session, without clicking each individually? I have some sessions that are OK so, simply deleting all session is not desirable.

    1. Erik Watkins
      Blackboard Support Specialist
      7:56 am

      Dear Professor Zajac,
      There is not a way to change whether or not a session is recurring after
      is has been created.
      Multiple sessions may be deleted by using the check boxes in the column
      to the left of the titles of the session you wish to delete. After
      selecting the appropriate boxes, click the Delete button located at the
      top or the bottom of the area.
      Thank you,
      Erik Watkins

      Erik Watkins
      Blackboard Support Specialist
      University of Arkansas
      Gibson Annex
      (479) 575-6804
      Visit our support site anytime or call the HelpDesk
      Monday - Thursday: 7 am - 10 pm, Friday: 7 am - 5 pm, Saturday: 11 am - 4 pm, Sunday: 6pm – 11

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