Record a Session

Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing sessions can be recorded, and recordings can be accessed using a direct link or from a Blackboard Learn course.

Outside of Blackboard Learn

When using Collaborate outside of Blackboard Learn, click the Moderator link you were provided and select Yes when prompted to record the session. To learn more about using Collaborate outside of Blackboard Learn, see the Blackboard Collaborate On-Demand Learning Center.

Within Blackboard Learn

Before starting a session in a Blackboard Learn course:

To open a Collaborate session in Blackboard Learn and begin recording:

  1. Log into with your UARK username and password.

  2. Open the course. Click the Collaborate link in the Course Menu. If you do not have a Collaborate link in your Course Menu, follow the instructions for creating a link to the Blackboard Collaborate Tool.

  3. In the Sessions tab, click the purple icon next to the name of the session you are recording.

  4. When prompted to open the session with Java Web Start, click OK. Click Run.

  5. When prompted to record, click Close.

  6. Run the Audio Setup Wizard to make sure your microphone and speakers are working correctly.

  7. Test your camera by clicking the Camera Preview button to the right of the Video button.

  8. Upload presentation files that will be used during the session.

  9. Click the Record button at the top right of the session window when you are ready to start recording. Click the Video button to include video in the session.

Recording will continue until all moderators and participants leave the session. The recording will become available in the Recordings tab 30 to 60 minutes after the session has ended.

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