Cavern Server: Overview

Alert: IT Services is in the process of retiring the Cavern server. Learn more

Cavern ( is a legacy web hosting server for the University of Arkansas. Cavern passwords can be reset using Password Manager.

All official UARK websites must be published through the university content management system and are required to follow ADA requirements.

To map a drive to Cavern, you must use your Cavern username and password.

The default quota for a Cavern account is 200MB.

Technical Configuration

Cavern is a Solaris 10 virtual machine (referred to as Oracle Solaris Container). The physical server is a Sun T5220 with one 1167 MHz UltraSPARC-T2 processor (including 8 cores and 64 hardware threads), 32GB of memory and over 700GB of disk storage.

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  1. Vigneshwar Raghuram
    Graduate Assistant
    2:34 pm

    What is the PHP version in cavern Server?

    1. Scott Estes
      Software Support Analyst
      2:51 pm

      Cavern is currently on PHP 5.3.2.

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