Add UA Holidays to Exchange Calendar

Attention: Exchange email and calendars were recently migrated to the Office 365 cloud. For issues you may experience after the migration, see the troubleshooting tips.

Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 (Windows)

  1. Click the link to open the .hol file:
    Note: Firefox and Chrome users might need to right-click the link, select "Save Link As" and open the file from the Downloads folder.

  2. The "Add Holidays to Calendar" dialog box will open in Outlook. Check the box next to University of Arkansas. Click OK.
    Note: If you get a warning that a UA holiday set is already installed, do not install it again as it will cause duplicates.

University holidays are now listed beginning with "UA-" as all-day, banner events.

Outlook 2011 and Outlook 2016 (Mac)

  1. Open Outlook. From the ribbon, click Open Calendar or Open Shared Calendar. 

  2. Enter in the Search or User field. 

  3. Click and click Select. (In Outlook 2016, check the box next to the shared calendar.)

University holidays are now listed beginning with "UA-" as all-day, banner events.

macOS Calendar (OS X Calendar)

Open the Calendar application. From the File menu, select New Calendar Subscription. Copy and paste the following address into the Calendar URL field and click Subscribe:


Other Calendar Apps (Mobile)

To subscribe to university holidays on your mobile device or other calendar apps on your computer, tap or click webcal://

To download the calendar file directly, tap or click

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  1. David Stowers
    Systems Analyst
    10:39 am

    The import facility in outlook does not offer that as an option unfortunately. The HOL file for Windows is a flat file consisting entirely of the following:

    [University of Arkansas 2012-2013] 18 UA - Independence Day, 2012/07/04 UA - Labor Day, 2012/09/03 UA - Thanksgiving Day, 2012/11/22 UA - Thanksgiving Holiday, 2012/11/23 UA - Christmas Eve, 2012/12/24 UA - Christmas Day, 2012/12/25 UA - In lieu of Veteran’s Day, 2012/12/26 UA - In lieu of employee’s birthday, 2012/12/27 UA - Charged to annual leave, 2012/12/28 UA - Charged to annual leave, 2012/12/31 UA - New Year’s Day, 2013/01/01 UA - Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday, 2013/01/21 UA - Friday of Spring break in lieu of George Washington’s-Daisy Gatson Bates’ Day, 2013/03/22 UA - Memorial Day, 2013/05/27

  2. Paula Ritchey
    Administrative Supp.Supervisor
    9:05 am

    Just wondering when the 2015-16 Holiday Calendar will be available.

    1. David Stowers
      Systems Analyst
      9:36 am

      It should be current now.

  3. Sandy Kizer
    Director of Technology
    2:43 pm

    where could I find a hol file for the UA academic calendar?

    1. Erin Griffin
      Content strategy/IA specialist
      9:35 am

      Tech Articles does not have a calendar file for the UA academic calendar. The Office of the Registrar's website has several separate calendars for each session and semester, but as far as I know, there is no way to save them to Outlook.

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